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PEPPER OAKS FARM is located in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley of California. This fertile region, known for its Mediterranean type climate, has been a significant agricultural producer for livestock and crops since the early 1800′s.¬†Today, Pepper Oaks Farm is transforming it’s land into a state of the art operation dedicated to research, cultivating olives and producing the finest extra virgin olive oil and flavored olive oils on the market.

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The History Of Pepper Oaks Farm

Pepper Oaks Farm was established in 1993 as a Thoroughbred nursery, home to stallions, broodmares and racehorses that lived and thrived on the nutrient rich land…

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See Our Unique Olive Oil Blends

Check out the 9 unique blends of olive oil Pepper Oaks Farm has to offer. Blended and infused with flavors they will add a delicious twist to any dish you create.

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Try Pepper Oaks Farm’s unique blends of olive oil for yourself. Click the button below to be take to our online store where you can purchase our 9 distinctly different olive oil blends.

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