About Pepper Oaks Farm

Pepper Oaks Farm is located in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley of California. This fertile region, known for its Mediterranean climate, has been a significant agricultural producer for livestock and crops since the early 1800’s. Today, Pepper Oaks Farm is transforming its land into a state-of-the-art operation dedicated to research, cultivating olives and producing the finest extra virgin olive oil and flavored olive oils on the market.

Santa Ynez Olive RanchHistory

PEPPER OAKS FARM was established in 1993 as a Thoroughbred nursery, home to stallions, broodmares and racehorses that lived and thrived on the nutrient rich land. Numerous stakes winners were conceived, bred, raised or sold by the farm and its clients, including an elite level Breeders’ Cup winner and Champion. Horses on the farm, amid ancient oak trees and a few mission olive trees, were a natural fit, since horses and olives played an important role in the development of California and the Valley in particular. Once part of the massive 35,000 acre Rancho Canada de los Piños (a Mexican land grant given to the Seminary of Santa Ynez, founded in 1804), PEPPER OAKS FARM blends past and present in a seamless progression. A residence dating back to the late 1800’s and located near a road traveled by horse and wagon to the foothills of the San Rafael Mountain range, nestles into a grove of might oaks, surrounded by current planting of olive trees. All this is located only minutes away from the town of Los Olivos, or ”The Olives”. Olive cultivation, once the sole act of Missions throughout the state as early as the 1700’s, emerged in the Valley as a viable source of food and oil; proving its land worthy of bringing forth a noble crop from a highly coveted fruit since ancient times. The oldest existing residence on Pepper Oaks Farm was constructed in 1887; the same year nearby town Los Olivos was formed.


PEPPER OAKS FARM is about sustainability. And adventure. It’s about deep respect for the land, the crops raised, and the people who work to bring you the freshest products. An agreement by the current owner to replace by number the trees removed in the late 1800’s necessary to sustain a family farm, has been honored. With the number replaced exceeding the bond of honor by thousands. Olive operations are conducted with the desire to utilize and recycle resources in the most efficient, eco-friendly method, with maximum long term viability and benefit. Organic practices are part of recent prove plantings and oil offerings. A lab on site will permit analysis of plants and products throughout their development or production cycles. Olive Oil is the freshest possible, often being produced within minutes of harvesting. Every aspect of the operation is geared to making sure than our customers can rely on PEPPER OAKS FARM brand products. It makes the rich history of the land and our philosophy of integrity by action, a reality in the world today.